Someone asked us why we have a pink logo?
And we were confused. We can't even imagine that our logo could be different. Pink is the color of love, tenderness and beauty. And yes, it's our favorite color. We even forbid buying pink things for ourselves, but sometimes we can't help it when we see them!

So it happened this time! Everything matched: pink color and jewelry ✨ Like real girls, we love jewelry and something shiny. And preferably more glitter! Therefore, when the girls from Viva La Vika told us about the rebranding and their new pink boxes in the shape of a cake, we wanted to support them and make a special dessert.

This is a large profiterole made of custard dough with a cap of white and orange chocolate in a pastry sprinkle. The filling is made of mascarpone cream, raspberry cream and strawberry sorbet with a raspberry center ♥️ But the coolest thing was that it had a QR-code on it – yes, edible! By clicking on it, you could take part in the drawing of cool pieces from us!

Dessert with Viva La Vika
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