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How it was or stories of growth within EGGSELLENT


of Moscow and St. Petersburg

Polina Yurova
Head of marketing
Sveta Mikhaleva
Chief Operating Officer
Zhenya Poderegina
Business Assistant
Will find everyone, who owes
Ivan Might
Art Director
Father of Commissar Poché
Natasha Eliseeva
Director of cafes in Moscow
Takes charge of every process, counts prime cost of dishes, doesn’t drown in paperwork and resolves all yours and ours questions
Kolya Komissarov
Kolya is very attentive at his work, even a dust won’t fly by! He’s creative at solving problems. Has difficult times with people writing his surname with one «s».
Katya Gunina
Keeps balance between managing cafe at Mayakovskaya and marketing strategy. In the meantime, customizes the add, so it will steal your heart
Anya Kiseleva
Account manager
Always in touch on our Instagram account! She picks the most beautiful photos to repost and quickly resolve problems if anything goes wrong!
Klava Reznikova
Special project manager
Klava shoots stories on our Instagram, stays creative and helps with special projects. A lot of things will come soon! She also is in charge of the shop!
Julya Abramova
Chef at the café at Mayakovskaya
Julya  is a perfect example of talent and skill mixed together. As a result you get perfect desserts! You can also often see her wearing pink cap in the window
Gayrat Ashurov
Sensei of potato fritters! A person who makes the best potato fritters at Bambule. He always wishes good morning to everyone coming into the kitchen. He’s also our first cook in Bambule’s team!
Anton Amvrosov
Always keeps calm and controls the kitchen when the chef is not around. Can work in all conditions. Anton is also a real pro at waffles!
Dima Zaytsev
The keeper of grill, crispy bacon, well-cooked potato fritters and witty jokes
Samir Sherov
Always stays focused on his work! Samir has been with us for a long time and boils perfect poached eggs!
Nikita Voronkin
Sous-chef at Bambule
Nikita has been working with us right from the start! He’s guru of poached eggs and potato fritters
Sasha Prytkin
Chef at Bambule
Sasha manages to make perfect poached eggs, delicious shakshouka and keep working space in phenomenal order all at the same time!
Artyom Mardanov
Sous-chef on Mayakovskaya
Artyom is a master of grill! Perfect potato fritters, pancakes, bacon and shrimps – it’s all due to him!
Maksim Makarov
Maks is a superman! He works simultaneously at several of our cafes! When he joined us, he got onto position just after 30 minutes (it’s really quick!). By the way, he asks for a day off only when he needs to practice music:)
Sasha Krasnov
Without any doubt, he is the «God of Poached Eggs» – that's what our guests call him. Creates delicious sandwiches, runs his telegram channel with recipes and puts a piece of his soul into everything (that's why it's so delicious!)
Lyosha Petrov
He skillfully cooks poached eggs and manages to fry a delicious scramble, he also has a small collection of printed socks. So if you want to please our chef, add something to his collection)
Nikita Teploukhov
The owner of the most enchanting gaze in our cafe, no one can resist his charms! Nikita has a deep knowledge of drinks and always will recommend the best aperitif!
Kostya Dobrynin
Kostya burst into us like a hurricane and felt himself like a fish in the water right away. With jokes, laughter and wonderful serving. Right off the bat he proposed to roll mini-sausages in bacon in constructor and melted our hearts with it.
Sasha Stenina
Moves between floors at the speed of light and gives each guest a luxurious smile and serves breakfast in the best mood!
Elya Gaston
Tells about every dish and glass of sparkling wine so that you’ll want to try it all!
Ksusha Chumachenko
Charms you with a polite attitude and calmness. Treats everything she encounters with love and responsibility.
Masha Katasonova
Masha won’t let you down with your coffee, because she can make it herself perfectly! She always asks how your breakfast went and conveys your thanks to the kitchen, if you ask!
Masha Masolova
Cheers you up during breakfast, showers you with good spirits, smiles and great mood!
Nastya Anofrieva
She's great at everything: actress, model and will get you a perfect breakfast. She'll describe it so good that you won't ever eat at home, be careful!

Andrey Razumov
The most quick, dexterous and athletic. He knows every top combo's in our breakfasts.
Olya Mikhaleva
Head waiter at Bambule
Will tell you the story of Eggsellent as her own, because since the start of our project she has managed to work in the kitchen, in delivery and service departments!

Vova Savin
Runner is almost a super hero. He manages to collect the delivery, carry 4 plates at the same time, and after the shift he even plays football.
Sergey Pokorsky
Sergey has a special skill - to juggle a bunch of tasks at the same time: he'll help the barista, and take the dishes from the distribution, and squeeze the juice – without him we are like without hands!)
Dilya Akhmetkhanova
Will find an approach to everyone, will be happy to talk to you in line, bring out of you a smile and pick up a table to your liking.
Nastya Sokolova
Nastya will charm you right from the entrance, she is also studying data analytics, so she predicts the probability of waiting for a table with 99.9% accuracy!
Slava Vorotnikova
Will greet you in four languages, find you the perfect place and charm you with a smile!
Vlad Popov
Will greet you like a best friend, take you to the best table, and on the way he will cheer you up with a new joke.
Anya Teploukhova
Delivery manager
Anya knows exactly everything about tables, taxi drivers in Moscow and boxes for hot dishes on takeout, because she is the head of the delivery.
Lisa Prosyannikova
Delivery member
Lisa is very responsible. She will monitor all order statuses, find all couriers and will not forget to take into account all your wishes.
Marie Petrusenko
Delivery member
You will be glad to receive a call from Marie in the morning. She will briefly and quickly tell you about the terms of delivery and wish you a good day. And if something goes wrong, she will promptly solve the problem with both breakfast and couriers.
Ksusha Ardashova
Steams milk with perfect foam with closed eyes, adjust the coffee grinder in a few seconds and get you a cup of the best coffee!
Head barista
Deals with any trouble on cue! Always knows where to find everything at the bar. Ambassador and creator of Vishnyambl! Draws amazingly beautiful things in his free time!
Danya Dolya
The man is a literal definition of a career growth, just yesterday he was a waiter assistant and today he is already preparing delicious coffee with beautiful latte art for our guests every morning.

Katya Galochkina
Katya will perfectly make any drink. Perfect foam, espresso quality control, beautiful art on your drinks – all this is her handiwork!

Dasha Bulanova
An artist by education, so don't worry about the drawing in your cup – it's definitely a work of art.

Lena Vasilyeva
Look for her in 250 kg of oranges
Lera Rabotinskaya
SMM and community manager
Manages to answer your questions both at the cash register and in the direct!
Yana Tretyakova
Perfectly slices salmon, deliciously cooks porridge, pours soup in plates, whips eggs for Hollandaise sauce and all of it simultaneously!
Egor Vasilyev
New specials, all the wonderful and delicious food on the plates – it’s all his doing!
Yura Cherepanov
In turbo mode arranges your breakfasts, but does it tastefully!
Alexey Basmanov
Sometimes stays after shift to cook more jam for blueberry nights
Nastya Zakrzhevskaya
Delivery member
Calls you every day to say good morning and confirm delivery status. And also tracks orders from the moment they get into spreadsheets till the very end!
Comrade-in-arms in extraction of vitamin C
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