Breakfast and sports with Reebok
November 2021
Sneakers as a part of uniform

In 2021 we started to actively create a uniform for our team: chose nice chef’s jackets and pink caps for cooks, made original aprons for bartenders and t-shirts for managers, designed and sewn t-shirts for waiters and moreover, made a comfortable pocket from the scratch, which came in handy for waiters.

There's only one thing left unsolved – the shoes! We wanted our team to wear pretty pink sneakers that would match the uniform so well.

So we met with the guys from Reebok and set up a project together! We helped Reebok to spread the news about their inner loyalty program UNLOCK and in return our team changed their boots to pink and white sneakers made by Reebok.

A contest for custom sneakers!

We came up with a special «Breakfast on sports» with two greek waffles, beetroot pesto and poached eggs! For the menu card, we made a 3D visualization of the EGGSELLENT toy house with our cafe and waiters in uniform, as if it were a real box of toys to play with.

And we also held a contest among the guests, where you could color REEBOK sneakers, send us a ready-made coloring book and win custom sneakers with your image. The three winners got their special pairs!
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