In 2021 we launched an alcohol Advent calendar in our cafe at Mayakovskaya. We know how difficult it can be sometimes, trying to choose and search for just the right cocktail to cheer up, so our calendar made it easier for you to decide on!

Later on, in 2022 we upgraded our Advent ✨ It came out big (A4!) and pretty ❤️ We painted different Christmas moods in the frames and together with SimpleWine complemented them with appropriate cocktails based on Bruni sparkling wine.

Advent calendar with
What’s your Christmas mood? To sprinkle with glitter from head to toe and then find shiny pieces in your bag or under your phone case for a few days? To lay down in a state of tangerine coma, watching another episode of the series? Carelessly soak off in the bath the whole evening? Maybe it's playful enough to kiss under a mistletoe? Or all you can think about is a Christmas miracle and all it takes is to believe in Santa… Or finally say to all your colleagues the cherished: “Let’s do it after the holidays”? You could choose from all of the above by picking a certain frame and getting a perfect cocktail!

Our corporate favorite was Commissar Poché! A perfect way to spend December for us. In the office, with a can of caviar and putting all tasks on a waiting list «after the holidays»!

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