Everybody loves avocado with ARTFRUIT
March, 22 - April, 4
We do love creating cool and unusual meals, and when we cook, there’s always one permanent ingredient we use: avocado, because EVERYBODY LOVES AVOCADO!
Well, truth be told, we love it too
That feeling was the point of matching with our avocado supplier, ArtFruit. We decided to launch a special menu only with avocado breakfasts for two weeks. We made 7 meals with avocado in different forms: slices of ripe and soft avocado, proper guacamole, avocado cream and even avocado fries! Naturally, we made a cool menu in the shape of avocado.
We had 3 different concept plans when we just started to invent a cool story for our avocado project! One of them was to make a giant avocado toast, big enough to earn a spot in the Guinness Book of World Records!
We did some research and it turned out that it takes about half a year to get the record estimated by the commission, but we didn’t have that much time. Still, we were so inspired with our idea and our friends from @batonbakery even baked a giant focaccia for us! We cooked a toast live. You can watch it here.

Plus, we shared all the recipes from our avocado menu on Instagram, but with one nuance! Those who had cooked any 3 meals from our avocado menu and shared it in stories, had an opportunity to win 5 kilos of avocado (almost a month’s supply) and a certificate for our breakfast!
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